Since 1994 we develop, produce and optimize welding
controller and components for the resistance welding.

The company headquarters is located in the south of Hamburg
in a convenient location with short response times.

The priorities are controller to optimize quality and monitoring
in conventional and inverter technology.
All assemblies are modular in design,
are manufactured on site and are available for short term.

Customer-specific adaptations can be integrated into the products.
Every day we are reachable and support in the parameter definition,
commissioning and troubleshooting.

The product range includes AC and medium frequency controller
for quality assurance, the PC-networking, power outputs up to 4000A,
inverter up to 240kA and for special applications,
3-phase high current rectifier up to 2000kVA,
locking devices for welding machines,
cylinder positioning for pneumatic cylinders.