Point, hump, groove seam, impulse welding

Quality assurance during welding

Medium frequency inverter with integrated welding control

universally applicable in single-user systems or in complex systems

easy operation, responsiveness and high flexibility.

We carry inverters from 200kVA to 1800kVA


  • Spot, projection welding and mesh welding machines
  • Seam welding machines
  • Multi-point and cascade systems
    robot systems

Mega Inverter

Inverter: 1000 series

Mega Inverter
765 x 275 x 361(H x B x T)

Inverter: 500 series

Mega Inverter
555 x 275 x 361 (H x B x T)

Inverter: 200 series

Mega Inverter
418 x 243 x 335 (H x B x T)