Our latest development:

Capacitor discharge with 3 current times.

From 2.4kJoule / 120kA to 100kJoule / 800kA

No mains transformer required for machine connection

Pre-charging via inverter technology, Mega-KE- for internal process control.

The charging and discharging process is controlled by the new Mega KE inverter module.
Symmetrical network load through 3 phase connection.
Fuse 16, 32 or 63 A selectable
The new, fast welding control in conjunction with the KE inverter, which is just as fast, opens up new, very fast reaction times for the welding process.

The combination of Mega-KE welding control and Mega-KE inverter replaces the previously customary PLC control, which is usually used to control the KE technology.
Incl. Welding control Mega-KE 13 times 64 programs;

Welding with a power program
QA system with data backup
Secure remote maintenance system

incl. Profinet; (EtherCat in preparation).


– Extension of the system to 100 kJoule with welding current up to 800 kA

– Expansion to 3 welding pulses that can be set as required

– Adjustable pause times between the welding pulses

– Individually adjustable performance curve

– air conditioner