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Mega-MF Controller

 wsb 293x156 Megabutton


Due to the universal structure and the extensive customization options, the following standard applications can be covered:
- single point
- multi-point systems
- welding robot
- Operating modes: Single point, series point, seam, changeover with up to 6 transformers

In the process of development already existing welding controllers as well as construction and operating elements, that have proved their usefulness in practice, have deliberately been taken into consideration.

The most marking characteristics of the welding controller Mega are simple handling, reliability and flexibility. The following points will name just a few of the multiplied functions:
Compact type of construction:
-19"- type of construction, 3 HU, 84 DU or 84 DU with ¾ depth
-compact design

Individual operation as standard:

- 2x20 characters text display, also in foreign languages, date, time, counter, prepared for memory card
- Quick entering of parameters via 12-key keyboard and automatic memory of parameters
- 13 inputs, 12 outputs, potentialfree and programable
- Linear stepper with adaptation of current after each point:

Optimal adaptation:

- Measurement of primary or secondary current (also DC), electrode voltage,
distance, pressure, force, component inspection and record the sink of electrode
- Process monitors
- Process adjustment and regulation
- Process documentation with printer or PC
- Networking and operation with PC